Mums and Ninjas

A lot has transpired since I last wrote here. I am still not back to work (for pay, anyways), but I’ve been getting a tonne of stuff done here at home. I’ve lined two future wildflower beds with mums, boulders and red cedar mulch in the back yard. This will give an awesome effect once the bluegrass sod goes down. I’m hoping to get to that in the next week. The raised flower beds along the back fence are done (built, planted and mulched), as well as the flower beds in the main body of the front yard. I will post pix when I’m done. This yard will be great for my honey and I to relax in when the plants grow up.

I’ve also built a small web site for a couple of friends. They are starting a lawn service called Lawn Ninjas. I registered and built for them and hosted it on my computer at home. It’s actually just a web page (singular), but may grow as they do. I will probably use it to test new web design ideas in a simple environment. Maybe I’ll surprise them with an admin section where they can store all of their customer info into a database and keep track of their finances. Any comments on things I can add to this site would be appreciated. They just wanted a single ‘business card’ page, but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind a full fledged site (whether necessary or not).

I will try to keep this blog going, but sleep calls now. Maybe I should try to write earlier in the day when my mind is fresher.

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