I happened upon a digg post about The Pirate Bay being interviewed by the BBC and it made me sad to see so much ignorance-by-choice lumped into one small page.

If a musician crafts a song and decides to share it with the world through album sales, and the first person to buy a copy makes it available to the rest of the world for free, that is piracy. If another person cruising the internet finds the song and grabs a copy without having first purchased it, that is piracy. If a third party knowingly and willingly makes arrangements for this transaction to be made, that is also piracy. It doesn’t matter that the captain of the pirate ship didn’t board the other vessel, rape any women or even see the loot or know what it was; the captain is a pirate. Of course, you can throw Photoshop or Office or whatever “created for profit” blob of 1s and 0s you want to in place of the song and the idea is just as valid.

I have to give an example of the inherent mentality of even the guys that run The Pirate Bay. Peter Sunde, one of the four main pirates running the site, said this:

Nobody is crying that people who used to go around selling ice to people do not have a job anymore because of the fridge…

zomgwtfbbq?!?! Do you think there is the possibility that just maybe it’s because nobody is stealing ice? People are making it themselves with a tool that was made for that purpose. Nobody is saying you can’t use the computer to make your own movies, music, software, etc. Nobody will go around crying about the people you put out of business by making your own property.

I do understand there should be limits to what can be considered property. Inevitable progressions of data manipulation processes should not be patentable. This includes, but is not limited to, turning 1 into 0 by subtracting 1 from itself. It may seem absurd to even consider patenting this process, but sillier patents have been approved.

It’s not that I never join the ranks of the eye patch wearing online horde, I’m just tired of constantly hearing people use ‘freedom of data’ or ‘freedom of information’ as a mantra for the rationalization of theft. I do realize that laws governing property are never going to be ‘right’. I also believe real estate should not be property, but that is a discussion for another time. In fact, the only thing that any laws can actually do is try to impinge upon people’s freedom and sometimes succeed for good or bad. In many cases, laws are used for horrific travesties of justice; in most cases, they are a necessary evil put into place to actually protect freedom.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a true anarchist at heart even if not always in actions, as the flip side of that coin is death; absolute peace is only possible, though not assured, in death. It’s late. I’m tired. Too many tangents roaming in out of he fog… you get my drift. respect:good::piracy:bad (and I still think piracy is the wrong word to be used for this type of theft)

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