Installing JRuby in a Windows Environment

I just installed JRuby on my Windoze XP box and thought I would share my experience for anyone interested in doing the same. It’s pretty straight forward, unless you know nothing of setting path variables in Windoze. First, you’ve got to download JRuby (I got it from the jruby codehaus repository) and uncompress it into […]

Modulus as Handled by Ruby

This is an explanation I gave to a student in class today of how the modulus operator behaves in Ruby. As I was writing the explanation down, it all became quite clear to me. I only had a tentative grasp on this concept until trying to explain it. That’s a good feeling when your helping […]

Mensa Hash Horror Event

Over at Jeff Atwood’s blog on the Coding Horror site, there is quick mention of a foible at Mensa’s web site. The problem he alludes to, and which many comments point out and discuss at great length, is the lack of security used with the site’s login credentials. What I find quite humorous is that […]


I finally got a syntax highlighter installed. I figure that since I’m taking the free Ruby course at, I should make my code look nice (and be more usable) when I decide to put some here on my blog. Just to get things rolling, here is a bit of code from one of the […]

Well, I signed up for a free online Ruby course at some time last week. Classes start tomorrow and I’m pumped. I’ve been seeing the popularity of Ruby, decidedly due to the Rails framework, skyrocket in the past few years. It seems that lately, you can hardly go to a web design or web […]

Central Illinois Artists Project is a site I am currently working on for Central Illinois artists. I do so because I am one… hehe. I suppose it will mainly be for original musical artists at first, as that is my primary interest and it seems a lot more feasible in the short term of things […]